Sunday, October 11, 2009

Applefest, Oil Creek and Titusville Train, Fall Foliage

Oct 2-4. Applefest was Great! Really enjoyed the 3 day show, with Saturday being the best, by far. There really were about 100,000 people there! About a thousand of them were standing in my booth in the pouring rain on Friday! lol

The car show on Sunday was very good. My favorite car, hands down, was the gold Packard. Wow! but then there was the '68 Firebird and the Mustangs and the Colby, etc, etc, etc....

The following Saturday, Andrew and I went for a ride on the Oil Creek and Titusville RR. The ride started at the Cabose Hotel in Titusville and proceded to the Drake Well Park station and finished up at Oil Creek State Park's Petroleum Station. We had the round trip ticket, so enjoyed the ride back as well. Next time we will probably ride our bikes or walk one leg of the journey. We saw the Oil Creek 100 Trail Run Aid Station from the train just before we pulled into Petroleum Station.

The Fall foliage was just getting colorful and it was a real treat to see the sycamores along the creek so YELLOW! The reds of the Sumac were stunning! I really didn't think that the colors were so vivid until I looked at my photos!

We are hoping that the house back east sells soon!