Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Day in Oil City (Bluegrass, too!)

Andrew met me in Oil City for Valentines Day! We wanted to see the progress on the house and also we wanted to go to the Oil Country Bluegrass Festival.

When I arrived, I was so happy with how things have turned out in the Foyer, Living and Dining rooms! The floors look wonderful and so does the woodwork--American Chestnut Polystain by Minwax.(the stair banister is Red Mahogany) The steps were done in Black Gloss Polystain. And they really look nice. They will be hard to keep dust free until we get the carpets on the steps, but it will be worth it. I hope to get the stair carpets decorated with the brass carpet rails.
We went out shopping on Friday and got some curtains and I am real happy with the results! What do you think?
For Valentines Day dinner, we went to the Yellow Dog Lantern Restaurant, right in downtown Oil City, on Elm St, where we had an incredible dinner. I had the Lobster Tail, 8 oz broiled to perfection and Andrew had the Grilled Swordfish with Lemon Shallot Relish and Proscuitto Chips. Andrew also had the Lobster Bisque, which he has every time we go there. He says that it is great. I am so pleased (and sort of astounded, really) to find such a well run, upper end (but Casual) restaurant in town!

Here is their Special Valentines Day menu! Their regular menu is just as good!
Perhaps you are wondering what a Yellow Dog Lantern is? Well, previous to providing the earliest light for night drilling on oil rigs, the double-wicked iron lamps were hung on the yardarms of whaling ships where, filled with whale oil and set afire, provided light for night hunting of the great sperm whale. The term "Yellow Dog" may have come from the yellowish shadow resembling a dog's head cast by these lighted posts at night or, from the lighted flames resembling a dog's eyes in the distance.

The Bluegrass festival was held at The Arlington Hotel on the 5th floor in the ballroom. (It's where we stayed when we were looking at houses) It was free to the public and there were prizes given to the Bluegrass Performers. Unfortunately, we only got to go for about 2 hrs on Saturday nite, even tho' it was a 3 day event. We really enjoyed the music, very talented bands, and a lot of them! There were about 30 bands in attendance. Here is the list.. Oil Country Bluegrass Festival Band Lineup:

On Sunday, we spent the day trying to figure out what color to stain the kitchen floors and what to do about the walls.

We also brainstormed ideas for the lighting and ceiling. We came up with wainscot for the walls in the American Chestnut shade and Dark walnut for the floors. It looked like the floors had been stained dark previously, so we went with that.

Next big thing will be the roof. There is at least one hole in the eaves and it will probably have to be repaired..

Oh, and I can't wait for spring so that I can see what flowers, if any, are planted around the house.