Wednesday, August 19, 2009

August in Oil City

We spent a week in Oil City in the beginning of August.

We went into Pittsburgh for a Pirates vs Nationals game. Stayed at the newly renovated Hilton! Very nice! Next day, we ate at a Gluten Free Hot dog joint called Franktuary They have grass fed 100% beef hot dogs with a corn tortilla and some great mustard!

Also, went to the Frick Museum to see the The Dutch Italianates: Seventeenth-Century Masterpieces from Dulwich Picture Gallery, London. Wow, what a great collection! I thoroughly enjoy it. Then went to see the collection of cars that they have there. That was fun. Also, had lunch in the garden cafe. Yummy!! and gluten free!

Then back to Oil City, where we met the neighbors. Very interesting. We participated in a cat capturing episode..there was a cat with kittens living under our a neighbor was kind enough to get a live trap from the humane society and capture them so they could be neutered and adopted. Another neighbor gave us wonderful tomatoes and yellow squash from their garden. The neighbor next to them has a teenager who was willing to take our trash out to the curb, since we were missing trash day..oh, and we ate at the Yellow Dog Lantern Restaurant.Always a good time!

My brother was there to visit us, so he and Andrew brought in the beechwood cabinet that we are using in the Kitchen. It was left behind in the garage..

I staged the house for some pictures...