Friday, December 26, 2008

Sorry this isn't timely, but....

My husband, Andrew and I went out to Oil City for 2 weeks at Christmas and New Years. We had a great time. We were lucky enough to have a day or two that actually hit 60 degrees! So, we took a break from the renovations and went to Oil Creek State Park.

We checked out the trails and the railroad that goes from the park to Titusville (it wasn't operating), but looks like it would be a great trip.
Titusville has a lot of great old Victorian homes there as well. Very nice town. But from what I hear, Titusville gets more Lake Effect snow than Oil City.

We also went to the Two Mile Run County Park. That is a great park. It has a campground there, so anyone who wants to come out for a visit, but prefers to camp, that would be the place!

The next day we went to Cook Forest! Wow, what a great place that is!

"Cook Forest State Park--The 8,500-acre Cook Forest State Park lies in scenic northwestern Pennsylvania. Once called the "Black Forest," the area is famous for its stands of old growth forest. Cook Forest's "Forest Cathedral" of towering white pines and hemlocks is a National Natural Landmark. The Clarion River is along the eastern border of the park and is popular for canoeing and rafting."