Saturday, August 29, 2009

Really beautiful homes for sale in Oil City

My friend asked me if I would be in Oil City this past week and I arranged to be there to meet her. I had mentioned that there was a bed and breakfast for sale and she was interested in looking. While there, she also looked at some rental income properties.

I went with her to see the properties and my head is still spinning from the stunning views, quality craftsmanship, European feel and incredibly beautiful homes that we saw.

The Victorian homes are filled with detail that would be in the best mansions anywhere in the world. The coffered ceilings, carved fireplaces, unique tiles, built-in dining buffets and cabinets, curved grand staircases, stained glass windows, incredible porches, leaded beveled glass front doors, beautiful gardens..I could go on and on. The master suite in one of the apts actually had burled maple closets, fireplace, windows and woodwork!!

I am seeing now that our modest home has some of the fine quality that the larger homes have, but on a smaller scale.

I also discovered that the homes in the area had bi-folding french doors (in addition to pocket doors) and that is probably what our home is evident from the wood putty filled areas in the door moldings that would have had the metal door stops. I was wondering how they were able to put doors on so many of the doorways and still open I know...and now I have another find the bi-fold doors!